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Virat Kohli breaks silence on his “Beard Insurance” rumours

Beard Insurance

After a magnitude of speculation, the Indian cap has finally revealed what the #ViratInsuresBeard buzz was about:

It’s not the first time Virat Kohli has been trending in the news as this is a man who is always in the spotlight because of the aura that he exudes. Only recently, he found his name in Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid Athletes – ranking at a terrific position of number 83.

The captain of the Men in Blue likes to keep himself composed – on or off the field – in spite of the limelight following him. Even when he shows aggression, it is always the type where he intimidates the opponents to the back foot.

His presence is almost omnipresent as it is almost impossible to keep him out of attention and recently, the latest buzz around the internet #ViratInsuresBeard has caught everyone’s imaginations.

Early speculations revealed that he has gotten it insured – like, really, really insured in the way we insure our health, car, property, and so on.

And now, the Indian superstar has broken his silence regarding the incident.

In the past couple of days, a lot has been said about my beard. Suddenly the nation wants to know everything – so why not hear it from me?

Indeed, hear it from him:

Moral of Virat's buzz-fiesta? #LoveItTrimIt.

On the contrary since the past couple of days, Twitterati couldn’t contain themselves either as they indulged in all sorts of gaga surrounding Kohli’s leaked footage, before the reveal.

A few-days-old leaked CCTV Footage of Virat Kohli signing a contract form. Of course, Twitter didn't keep mum.

                                    And thus, Twitter hath exploded

So, the thing is, Kohli might not have “insured” his beard in the strictest sense of the word. But in a more loose sense, he may have done just that as he has signed a deal as the new ambassador of Philips Male Grooming portfolio – yes he endorses it now – and why wouldn’t he? An absolute surge of a prominence-dominance balance that his beard possesses – goes hand-in-hand with the powerful collaboration. Safe to say that Virat’s Beard Management now lies in the safe 'hands' – or shall we say, the versatile length-adjusted 'blades' – of Philips Trimmer.

After all, the all-impactful & durable Philips product totally resonates with his charisma, stature, power & precision on field. In short, this is a love story better than Twilight – to be fair, what isn’t?

Curious to see more of the beard side of Virat Kohli. We are heading to the @PhilipsMenIn to check it out. See you there :)