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About News Hunger

We planned and developed this news blogging portal with the initiative to raise the voice for those who looking for the platform to publish their news, views and ideas for national and international readers. We have facilitated this news site with easy and user friendly interface to upload images and text, user also can organize them in an interactive way as he likes.

NewsHunger, A platform that provides wide exposure for your writing talent and helps you to earn money as well.

If you have any kind of writing talent, NewsHunger offers you to create your account with us, where you can write about your creative ideas, thoughts, news, view on the social and political issues. Your more informative and engaging work will earn more money for you.

NewsHunger Key Factors :

  • Easy to manage your writing work
  • Make collection of Articles
  • Get exposure among thousands of readers
  • Get feedback and rating
  • Share on social media
  • Earn money on your writing work

Why We are Doing This

We simply observe, most of the media and news sites are publishing the same kind of news stories. Somewhere they are lacking to publish our local news or news related to the common people. This news platform might help to break the current scenario and help to give voice for each one of us who wants to change this.